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For the period of 1 month i set out on a prototyping adventure to see if iTunes could indeed be created as an ajax / silverlight web application. The end prototype web application proved that we could deliver the iTunes experience online.

Now begins the development phase of the project. Converting the prototype into a real application.. Let's begin!

The sample website with the prototype can be found here.

Check out the blog, i have posted every step of my journey
  • The sourcecode for the prototype can be found in the "Releases" area appropriately labelled "prototype"
  • I have just added a new package to this website, it's the source code to another Apple related source code. "A beautiful Website" will ultimately be a package of web controls written in SilverLight that when mixed together will result in an amazingly beautiful website, in the likeness of Apple's website.

Check out the project here at my blog, i post every control i create here


iTUNES moves out of PROTOTYPE and into DEVELOPMENT

I have officially moved the project out of prototype and i have now begun full development. Be sure to stay in touch with this project, it's gonna take off over the next couple of weeks!

Check out the releases, it's appropriately labelled "Development"

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